Roger de la Corbière (French, 1893-1974)

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Roger de la Corbière (French, 1893-1974) 

The French Coast by Moonlight

Oil on Canvas

  • Signed lower right.
  • Painting - 46cm x 54.5cm
  • Frame - 62cm x 71cm


A superb example of the work of French artist Roger de la Corbière.  Signed lower right.


In very fine condition.  Clean, most attractive, well framed and ready to hang.

Artist Information

Roger de la Corbière, born in Vouneuil-sur-Vienne on 22 July 1893 and died in Paris on 3 September 1974 was a painter landscaper French . First watercolorist, in contact with Paul Signac , at La Rochelle , he became the painter of marine lights; devoting most of his work to celebrate, oil, the delicacy of the moonlights and the sunsets on the Brittany coast . Roger La Corbiere was born in a family from Normandy , after a companion of William the Conqueror . Le Havre poet Robert of Villehervé , disciple of Théodore de Banville , is a cousin of his mother. Paternal side, he also hails from the family of Daniel Dumonstier , portrait of King line from Cosme II Monstier , . After his marriage, he comes to live rue du Bac in Paris, and then attended the Académie Julian . Under the RM or Mascar signatures, he began a career of fashion designer, posters Railways and press caricatures, including Le Figaro . He met the Russian painter Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé . Influenced by the art of the latter, the first paintings of the young artist depict snow scenes. Despite an immediate commercial success, he does not recognize in the very cold figuratism the Russian painter. The decisive influence on the work of Roger Corbiere born of his meeting in La Rochelle in 1917 , with Paul Signac . The spontaneous composition of the master and his touch of color posed as a light sheen, confirm the painter's desire to enhance the emotion to resume printing. They will attend to the death of Signac in 1935 , rue La Fontaine in Paris, where La Corbiere will install himself with his family. This quest for the reflection of light in nature, even dead, in a Christian artist in permanent questioning of grace, takes its power in contact with the ocean on the coast. Brittany became his second home. He recognizes himself in the artists of the Pont-Aven School and builds friendships faithful, especially on the Island of Bréhat with Lucien Seevagen Roger La Corbiere divided his work between a large production of sun and moonlight sunsets, mainly sold by Anglo-Saxon and Germanic gallery, and most personal work, become rare. The artist is now rated for its commercial marine work, still very present on the art market, especially in American galleries or at public sales. His personal works, watercolors, for example, are no longer than a handful of collectors. They are being inventoried. Much more than artistic agreement, Roger links the Corbiere with Maurice Denis will be those of a deep friendship, a spiritual complicity. During the war, La Corbiere his family moved to Saint-Germain-en-Laye , Quinot street, and the two painters are seen almost daily at the Priory . Roger La Corbiere also bind with other painters of sacred art workshops , as Henri de Maistre and Nicolas Untersteller . After the death of Maurice Denis, he will continue to patronize the student of the latter, Jean Souverbie . This will make her donation, including a portrait of Maurice Denis, profile, on his deathbed. The painting of the Corbiere keep this period in a adoucicement colors and values, as well as some more daring compositions. As the Nabis, La Corbiere departed from academicism of Beaux-Arts without ever denied anything of classicism or without, as the generation of cubism , made a clean sweep of past lessons.

Exhibitions and awards;

Parisian salons

Exhibitor at the Paris Salon ;

Silver Medal in 1954

A member and exhibitor at the Society of Independent Artists , from 1926 until his death in 1974 ;

Bronze Medal, in 1957

Associate and exponent of the National Society of Fine Arts , in 1932 ;

Associate and exponent of the French Society of Artists , from 1956 to his death in 1974 .


Galerie Katia Granoff , in Paris;

Galerie Katia Granoff , at Honfleur;

Hautecoeur gallery, rue de Rivoli in Paris;

The Wallington Gallery , (Northumberland, UK);

Stacy-Marks Gallery (Great Britain);

Otto Gallery, in Vienna (Austria);

Arnot Gallery in New York (USA).

Acquisition of three marines by the French State, in 1925 .

In purchase of two paintings at the Salon of French Artists, by Andrei Gromyko , Foreign Minister of the USSR.

Acquisitions by the museum Maynard (Gallery of Canada Museum), in Ottawa.