Michael Dahl (Swedish, 1659–1743) (Studio of)

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Studio of Michael Dahl (Swedish, 1659–1743)

Portrait of Orlando Bridgeman (1671–1721)

Oil on Canvas

  • Painting - 76cm x 62cm
  • Frame - 96cm x 84cm 

Lot Notes

A very fine portrait of Orlando Bridgeman (1671–1721) from the studio of Michael Dahl.  Another version of this painting by Dahl is in Weston Park which became the Bridgeman's family seat later in the 18th century.  Unsigned.


In very fine condition.  Professionally lined and conserved in the 20th century.  Clean, most attractive, well framed and ready to hang.

Artist Information

Michael Dahl was a Swedish portrait painter who lived and worked in England most of his career and died there. He was one of the most internationally known Swedish painters of his time. He painted portraits of many aristocrats and some members of royal families, such as Queen Anne of Great Britain, Prince George of Denmark and the exiled Queen Christina of Sweden.