Aurel Naray (Hungarian, 1883-1948)

  • Sold

Aurel Naray (Hungarian, 1883-1948) 

Young Lady with Putto

Oil on Canvas

  • Signed upper left.
  • Painting - 66cm x 49cm
  • Frame - 79cm x 61cm


A superb example of the work of important Hungarian artist Aurel Naray.  Beautifully painted in the artist's highly characteristic style and with a highly attractive subject.  Signed upper left.


In very fine condition.  The canvas not lined and with a single small patched repair upper right.  Clean, most attractive, well framed and ready to hang.

Artist Information

Aurel Naray was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1883, he was a self-educated artist and social critic. He worked with art teacher and academician painter Zsigmond Vajda (1860-1931) for 6 months, but had no other conventional art training. He exhibited in the Nemzeti Szalon (National Salon) in 1921 and 1924, and later in America and throughout Europe. In 1924 he travelled to the USA and exhibited extensively. Naray's themes include the portrayal of woman, children, idyllic folk life and imaginary landscapes, flowers (the petals having fireworks-like energy) and most notably, paintings of ecclesiastical subjects. His works are included in the collection of the Hungarian National Gallery.

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