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We are always looking to buy good quality original paintings.  If you have a painting or paintings that you would like to sell please contact us for a free valuation by following the steps below and E-mailing

If you'd prefer to discuss things over the phone first please call us on 01636 707 762.

Valuation Steps;

1.  Please E-mail us with photographs of the painting(s) you would like to sell.  Ideally we need a photograph of the front of the painting including the frame, a close up of an area of detail, a close up of any signatures or inscriptions and a photograph of the back. 

2.  Please include in your E-mail the size of the painting excluding any frame and any other details you have about the painting.  If you know the name of the artist that's great but don't worry if you don't.  If you have any other information that you think might be relevant - where you acquired the painting, any condition issues etc. please include them in your E-mail.

3.  If you have a price in mind for the painting please include it in your E-mail.  If you don't have a price in mind that's fine too.

4.  We will aim to respond with an offer within 48 hours. 

5.  If you decide to accept our offer we can usually arrange payment and collection within one week.  We can arrange for collection anywhere in England and in most of the rest of the UK so you don't need to worry about packing your painting or any potential damage in the post.  

Please follow the steps above and E-mail your photographs and other information to;