Sir Peter Lely (Dutch, 1618-1680) (After)

  • £3,750.00

After Sir Peter Lely (Dutch, 1618-1680)

Oliver Cromwell

Oil on Canvas

  • Painting - 73.5cm x 62cm
  • Frame - 106cm x 93cm 


A very fine 19th century copy after Lely's original of 1653 - 1654 in the collection of Birmingham Museums Trust.  

Notes on the original;

One of Lely's most famous portraits is his depiction of Oliver Cromwell created between 1653 and 1654, when the military leader was serving as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth.  This work is unflattering and distinctly less royal in appearance than Lely's previous portraits; it is plain compositionally and there is little ornamentation to distract the eye from Cromwell's determined stare.  The plainness of style mirrors the pious Puritan values of the sitter, but it is also a well-known fact that Cromwell had offered the painter some advice: 'My Lilly (Lely), I desire you would use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me, and not flatter me at all. But [pointing to his own face] remark all these ruffness, pimples, warts and everything as you see me. Otherwise I never will pay a farthing for it.'


In very fine condition.  Professionally lined and conserved in the 20th century.  Clean, most attractive, well framed and ready to hang.  Presented in a good carved Florentine frame.

Artist Information

Sir Peter Lely was a painter of Dutch origin whose career was nearly all spent in England, where he became the dominant portrait painter to the court.