Gustave de Breanski (British, c.1856-1898)

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Gustave de Breanski (British, c.1856-1898)

Fishing Boats off the Coast

Oil on Canvas

  • Signed lower right.
  • Painting - 51cm x 76cm
  • Frame - 77cm x 101cm 


A superb example of the work of important 19th century marine painter Gustave de Breanski depicting fishing boats off the coast with white cliffs beyond.  Signed lower right.


In very fine condition.  Professionally lined and conserved in the late 20th century.  Clean, most attractive, well framed and ready to hang.

Artist Information

Gustave de Breanski’s name, like that of his older brother Alfred, is synonymous with attractive landscapes and coastal scenes. The de Breanskis were prolific painters who described themselves as landscape artists, but in Gustave’s case the majority of his work is made up of seascapes and inshore scenes. All seven of his Royal Academy exhibits between 1878 and 1887 consisted primarily of marine views.  Gustave’s style is much broader and more impressionistic than that of his brother. His paintings, often featuring fishing boats and other working craft, convey a maritime realism that is both distinctive and widely appealing. His proficiency with a colour is excellent, and his composition shows an adeptness at both balance and perspective.  A strong supporter of the Suffolk Street Galleries, the artist exhibited some 51 canvases there throughout his career. Today, paintings by Gustave de Breanski are gaining in popularity among discerning collectors.